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What is Mediumship?

A medium relays messages from the "Other Side" to the living. They believe they are able to see, hear or sense what the deceased wants the living to know. Some people are intuitively born with this, and anyone can learn to develop these skills. Spiritualists believe we all have the capability of hearing messages from our deceased Loved Ones if we are simply open to hear their messages. You are welcome to attend our  Mediumship Development 

after service on Sundays.



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The mission of the Healing Light Spiritualist Church of Etna, founded October 8, 2004, is to share the gifts of peace, love, healing and respect that come from the light of Spirit. By practicing the principles of Spiritualism, we build community, service, acceptance and charity for all creation.

What are
Services like?

Our services are designed to embrace Spiritualist Teachings while remaining open to change so we may grow and unfold as Spirit guides us. Services are divided into three parts:

1-Healing: with meditation

2-Inspirational Talk

3-Messages from Spirit:

This part is unique to Spiritualist Services. The Medium will give messages from Deceased Loved Ones, Guides,  etc. 

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