April 2015


Greetings Everyone and Welcome to Spring!

I am happy to announce that the Healing Light Church healing certification classes will take place in April. There will be two classes altogether and both are required in order to receive your certification. The classes will be taught by Pastor Laurie Xanthos on April 12th and 26th.

On April 12th the class will run from 12:30 to 5:00 PM with a break for lunch at approx. 2:30. This will be a pot luck so please bring something to share. The class will resume at 3:00 and go to approximately 5:00 PM.  On April 26th the class will run from 1:30 to 3:30. Both classes will be at the Etna Town Hall.

There is no charge for these classes, however, we are asking for donations because we need to rent the hall.

Pastor Laurie is a terrific instructor. She brings a great deal of experience to the classroom. Teaching healing classes is something Laurie has a great passion for, and feels it is an investment in a more harmonious universe. I completely agree with her.

I can attest to Laurie's skill as a teacher because I took a Shamanic Journeying class from her and I enjoyed it completely. I know you will gain a lot of knowledge from Laurie.

If you are feeling called to be a vessel of service through healing then I encourage you to attend. Please know that these classes are for anyone who feels the calling, not just members of the church. So please do share the information with others.There is no such thing as too many healers.

Sad news but also happy news. Our lovely piano player, Janet Ciano, is moving to Florida at the end of April. It is sad for us as we so enjoy her gift of music on Sundays and we so enjoy seeing her smiling face at church but it is happy news for Janet. We know the increase in sunshine will be wonderful for her healing process and also, she will be closer to her brother which will bring her great happiness.

Janet wants everyone to know she will truly miss her church family and playing for us on Sundays. Janet, you will be greatly missed but know that we do wish you great joy and increased healing in the Sunshine state!

Janet's leaving creates a need within the church for a new piano player. Please help us put that out to the Universe so we can attract someone wonderful to fill the post. Thank you.

Serving the church in April is:
Facilitator - Pastor Laurie Xanthos

April 5th - Pastor Laure Xanthos/Lauren Powers
April 12th - Debbie Walker/Wachian Welch
April 19th - Kendra Wescott
April 26th - Bethany Couture
April 12, 26 - Healing Certification Classes at the Etna Town Hall

There will be no pastoral council meeting in April.

This month's Spiritualism Nugget: A Spiritualist is one who believes, as the basis of his or her religion, in the communication between this and the spirit world by means of Mediumship and who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings derived from such communion.

Spiritualists believe that God or Infinite Intelligence is ALL That Is, expressing through all creation by love, light and law. Humanity, the most complex of life on earth, reaches this Divine Source through prayer, meditation, listening to inner awareness, and service. Why service? Because every living thing is a part of God, so as we serve life we also serve the Higher Energies.

A Call to Activism

Because spiritualist love and care about the natural world, seeing the Divine as part of everything that is, I feel it is appropriate to insert the following into the newsletter. I hope you agree and will pass it along to others.

Our world is in trouble. It is not new knowledge that we are losing our bat populations to something called White Nose Syndrome and it is not new knowledge that we are losing our honey bees, but it may not be as widely known that the Monarch butterfly may soon disappear from our landscape and our lives. Nearly a Billion of these beautiful creatures have vanished. Personally, I see fewer and fewer in my gardens every year. Last year, sadly, I saw only two. We will lose this masterpiece of nature within a few years if we don't do something right now.

There is an intense effort underway to plant 200,000 acres of Monarch butterfly habitat from Texas to Minnesota but here is what you can do at home. Milkweed is the sole food of the Monarch butterfly larvae. If you have a yard where you can let the milkweed grow please let it be and plant more. It will establish itself in any disturbed ground. And please, don't use herbicides or insecticides on your plants. Search for organic methods of weed and insect control. Weeding by hand is labor intensive but it is also incredibly therapeutic and puts you outside next to the earth and in the sun. You can and will receive incredible healing for mind, body and soul by spending time in your yard and/or garden weeding. Milkweed is geographically specific, meaning, you want to plant what naturally grows in Maine. Our milkweed is adapted to our climate so be sure to gather seeds locally.

I have milkweed growing in my yard and with my vegetables. It smells good, is nice to look at and attracts pollinators. Nothing lost, everything gained!

Also, milkweed is a wild edible plant. Take just some parts from each plant to assure it will blossom and create new seeds. Check out the web site below before you start chowing down, though. Before eating anything wild you should know what parts to eat and what parts to leave alone and, you need to know how to properly prepare wild edibles. With a little due diligence you can enjoy great tasting nutritious wild food and help nature as well. What's not to like!

How To Eat Common Milkweed


To learn more about the plight of the Monarchs and the efforts underway to help this beautiful creature you can go to: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2015/02/09/the-monarch-massacre-nearly-a-billion-butterflies-have-vanished/

Together we truly can make a difference in this world. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of nature.

Two online viewing and reading recommendations

Story on Today news: "Return To Life" One Child's memory of a past life: http://www.today.com/news/return-life-how-some-children-have-memories-reincarnation-2D80550946

Free E-Book - Healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites: http://www.earthwisdomfoundation.net/uploads/eBook_-_English.pdf

Looking ahead: Mark your calendars for our May 16th Mediums Day. It will be held on the Camp Etna grounds from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. There will be healers available as well as mediums. All proceeds go to support the church. Please tell your friends!


Mark your calendars for the first Sunday of every month. This is our Pot Luck Sunday. Come, enjoy the service and share some food and conversation after.


The Mediumship Development group meets every Sunday at my cottage on the Camp Etna grounds at 1:30. Whatever stage of development you are in you are always welcome to join us. Attending this group is free of charge; however, donations are gladly accepted. Note: If church service is canceled due to bad weather the development group is also canceled.


The Mid Maine homeless shelter is always in need of many things. If you have items you would like to donate just bring them to church on any Sunday. (PLEASE, no unwashed clothing articles, no clothing with pet hair, and no clothing with holes in them).


Here is a list of supplies they could use:

Diapers - all sizes

Trash bags

Toilet tissues, paper towels, and tissues

All Purpose cleaner

Paper plates, cups, and napkins (square)

HE laundry detergent

Ziploc bags and aluminum foil

Food storage containers

Grocery store gift certificates

Soap, shampoo, and conditioner

Feminine products (pads and tampons)


Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Razors and shaving cream

Coffee (regular; decaf) and creamer

Sugar and drink mixes
Canned and non-perishable foods

Children's books


Canaan Fire Department needs sweat pants and sweat shirts to give out to people who, during a fire, are forced to flee their homes with no more than the shirt on their backs. It is not necessary to buy new. Clean, used items in good condition are very welcome. Please bring them to the church on any Sunday.


To all who have contributed in the past, or will contribute in the future, to any of the above causes, your gifts are truly a blessing. Thank you.


Weather (Cancellation) Notification

When there is a threat of bad weather church services and meetings are canceled. You can check on the local TV news stations for our cancellations. Also, if you are on the churches email list you will receive notice that way as well. Once in a while we cancel church and then the storm doesn't manifest. Ahhhhh, nature, you just cannot always predict her. Never the less, once church has been canceled we do not change it. Please make a note of this.


Although spring has officially arrived we may still see some snow. Please be ever mindful of safety both in the home and in your comings and goings. Always think, Safety First!


If you know of anyone who would like to know more about our Healing Light Church and would enjoy reading our newsletter please, by all means, do pass along. 


Warm Blessings to all,

Rev. Janet Decker



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