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2018 Minutes


Healing Light Spiritualist Church Board Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2018 November 18, 2018 Meeting called to order at 12:31pm Invocation by Laurie Xanthos Roll Call Janet Decker Janice Nelson Kroesser Linda Holmes Diane Jackman (by phone:) Bruce Towle Visitors: Ken Kroesser Laurie Xanthos Belinda & Mark Mitchell Ava Spruce Karen Costigan The Secretary’s Report: HLSC logo was designed and applied to web site and Facebook Page. Corporate seal was ordered, received and used on the resolution for purchase of property. The resolution was mailed to PO Box on 11-13-2018. Paypal account has been set up. Still waiting on documents to prove location, charitable etc. Letter was sent to John Welch explaining membership requirements. November Newsletter sent out and posted to web site. The Treasurer’s Report: If you are a member in good standing and wish to receive a copy of the Financial Report please email your request to: Old Business: Insurance policy was reviewed. Policy from Liberty Mutual covers 5 pastors. New policy has only 3 pastors covered. Will increase once settled in new building. X Pro is policy for the management team or the Board. Was computer purchased? Not yet. Did Janet Decker write checks to HLSC and receive checks back for ordination and donations? Will be done this week. Motion to ratify following votes taken via email: 1-Motion was made and seconded ratifying the email vote of purchasing flooring for installation in Parsonage. All in favor. 2-Motion was made and seconded to ratify resolution for purchase of property borrowing $180,000 in total; $170,000 for the property and $10,000 miscellaneous expenses. All in favor. Flooring is a bit more complicated than originally thought. Once the carpet is removed the floor needs to be leveled with floor leveler and then sealed with a sealant. Discussion on whether to hire or seek volunteers. New Business: 1-Update on building- Purchase Agreement in place, Ken is working with present owner on drawings of floor plan for fire marshall’s office and Janet Decker’s husband Lee will also help with the architectural drawings. Lee has experience with fire marshall office. Hampden Title has been hired to work on real estate transaction. Should we call our new complex Healing Light Spiritual Center ? Let's think about it until our next Board Meeting. Janet is going to ask the Insurance company if calling the Complex Healing Light Spiritual Center. Probably will not. Positives: A Spiritual Center indicates there is more going on here than just church. Also, some people may shy away from the word “church” All in favor of waiting until next meeting to make decision to call Complex Center. Lots of excitement about children’s programs. Giving parents an alternative to Medications for their ADHD, ADD, Psychic children. Estimated Closing date shortly after December 6, 2018 2-Taxable Donations -Linda spoke about write check and write DONATION on the check for tax 3-Ring Binder for minutes will be available for all people who come to church 4-Building Maintenance Team will be in place. Report was made that owner has been quick to plow and does a great job cleaning up after a snow storm. 5-Purchase of chairs-Janice has a few web sites she has ordered with good success. She will share so we can all look and be ready to order once we need the chairs for service. Members are exploring used chairs (Ava Spruce will be checking with Knights of Columbus that is going out of business in Bangor). Donations for chairs/memorial perhaps a small plaque on chair back, or on wall ? 6-Petty cash needed $100 amount agreed upon. 7-Operations manual – Peter Conroy submitted a rough draft of Standard Operating Procedures- Diane added to it and will copy it at the end of this agenda. 8-Committees for fund raisers/other 9-Reimbursement for printing. Linda is going to buy an ink cartridge for HLSC to use for church. 10-Reduced cost for family memberships. Table for more thought and discussion. What does membership mean? What is your responsibility as a member? What do we do about people who become members simply for cottage ownership? 11-Membership to vote on: Motion made, seconded and all in favor to accept John Welch, Jr. as a member of HLSC. Motion made, seconded and all in favor to accept Belinda Mitchell as a member of HLSC. Motion made, seconded and all in favor to accept Mark Mitchell as a member of HLSC. Motion made, seconded and all in favor to accept Dawn Wilbur as a member of HLSC. 12- Talk to current owner of property to work out prorating storage and other rents. 13- Piano will be moved from Temple at Camp Etna to Healing Light Spiritual Center 14- Sign for Healing Light Spiritualist Church is currently stored in Community Center at Camp Etna and will be moved to new location of Healing Light Spiritualist Church 15-For our next meeting think about: Building use Amount to charge vendors, etc. Percentage of workshops, etc. Benediction by Ava Spruce Meeting Adjourned at 1:50pm Respectfully Submitted, Diane Jackman Skolfield, Secretary HLSC ​ ​ STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (needs work, input welcome:) Appointment of HLSC Officers. Currently officers are elected by the membership and serve a two year term. Appointment of the HLSC Ministers. Currently Ministers are approved and appointed by the HLSC Board. Church Collections and the Two Person Rule. Monies collected at church services or related activities are immediately counted by the minister conducting the service and then verified at that time by another minister or appointed HLSC officer. In the event a minister or officer is not present, a patron, who is not related to the servicing minister, may verify. Upon verification the monies will be placed in an envelope and sealed. The counter and verifier will sign their names legibly on the envelope along with the date of the collection. Duties of HLSC Ministers. Duties of the President. Duties of the Secretary. The Secretary keeps all records of HLSC activities. Receives and responds to all correspondence in email account- , writes letters for Board Members when asked, keeps HLSC Corporate Seal for formal paperwork, takes minutes and distributes them for approval to Board Members. Duties of the Treasurer. Duties of the Trustee(s). The Trustee acts as the intermediary between the Board and the members of the HLSC. Duties of the Vice President. FACEBOOK Upkeep and Entries. HLSC Mission: The mission of The Healing Light Spiritualist Church of Etna is to share the gifts of peace, love, healing and respect that come from the light of Spirit. By practicing the principles of Spiritualism we build community, service, acceptance and charity for all creation. HLSC Newsletter and Other Mailings: The lead pastor oversees mailings to members and parishioners that deal with church related news, unrelated to HLSC Board or financial information. All newsletter's and related church reporting sent by the pastor are accomplished via email. Such reporting may also be available in hard copy at church services. The pastor, at his/her discretion, may also mail copies of reports to people who do not have access to email. HLSC Officer Titles: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Trustee. Structure of Church Service: The conduct of church service will be structurally consistent and conducted consistently among all pastors. Tax Submissions: Federal and state tax statements are submitted on a quarterly basis by the Treasurer; however, the proposed submissions must be reviewed and approved by the President and Vice President. Weekly Time and Location of Church Service: 10:30am on Sunday at the Etna Town Hall. Digital Information Standards for the Board. Full Financial Disclosure to Members.
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