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Constitution & ByLaws

A non-profit religious Corporation Incorporated under


the laws of the State of Maine, October 8, 2004



Founded October 3, 2004


Revised: October 2008


Amended: October 2012


Amended: December 2014

Amended: September 20, 2020

Amended: September 2023










Article I.



This Corporation shall be known as The Healing Light Spiritualist Church of Etna, incorporated in the State of Maine on October 8, 2004.


Article II.



The mission of The Healing Light Spiritualist Church of Etna, founded October 8, 2004, is to share the gifts of peace, love, healing and respect that come from the light of Spirit. By practicing the principles of Spiritualism we build community, service, acceptance and charity for all creation.


Article III.



HLSC shall be the abbreviated name of the Corporation.

Article IV.



We believe God exists as Infinite Intelligence and Love.


We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expressions of Infinite Intelligence and Love.


We believe that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith, constitute true religion.


We believe that every soul, its existence and personal identity, continue after the change called death.


We believe that communication with other Dimensions, Spirit, Angels and the Natural World, are demonstrated through the phenomena of Mediumship.


We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


We believe that we are personally responsible for our own happiness or unhappiness as we live in harmony or disharmony with Nature's physical and spiritual laws.


We believe that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any soul here or hereafter.

We believe that prophecy and healing, as found in the Bible and other sacred texts, are Divine attributes proven through Mediumship.

Article V.


The following definitions shall be concise and comprehensive statements to be used for all legal and practical affairs at HLSC.

1. Spiritualism is the science, philosophy, and religion of continuous life based on the demonstrated fact of spirit communication by means of mediumship.

2. A Spiritualist is one who believes as a basis of religion in the communication between this and the Spirit world by means of mediumship and who attempts to build personal conduct and character in accordance with the highest teachings from such Spirit communication.

3. A Medium is one whose total being is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit world and through whose being those intelligences in the Spirit world are able to deliver messages producing the phenomena of Spiritualism.

4. A Spirit Healer is one who, either via combination of one’s inherent powers and training via mediumship, is able to import vital curative force for healing.

5. The Phenomena of Spiritualism consists of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Prophecy, Laying on of Hands, Healing, Visions, Automatic Writing or Painting, Psychometry and other such manifestations proving the continuity of life through physical and Spiritual senses and faculties of humankind.

Article VI.


All members of HLSC pledge to abide by the By-Laws herein contained and to support HLSC to their chosen degree of participation, talents and assistance.

Article VII.


Section 1: The elective officers of HLSC shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. They shall each serve a limit of three (3) consecutive Two-year terms. Officers shall assume their positions immediately following the annual members’ meeting.

Section 2: There shall be three (3) elective Trustees on the Board of HLSC. The Trustees shall provide advice and assistance to the officers on behalf of HLSC and shall vote on all actions taken by the Board. The Trustees shall serve a limit of three (3) consecutive One-year terms. A Trustee shall assume the position immediately following the annual members’ meeting.

Section 3: Any elected member of the Board of HLSC who missed two (2) unexcused consecutive meetings or a total of three (3) during a term shall be replaced by appointment of the President first, the Vice-President second, or by a majority vote of the Board third.

Section 4: The newly elected officers and trustee shall take the following oath:

I (name) having been duly elected (office), do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully perform my duties in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of HLSC until my successor is duly elected and installed.

Section 5: In the absence of availability of other nominees for officers or trustees the currently serving Board or any members may run for another term.

Section 6: If an officer chooses to resign before their term is complete and an acceptable replacement is found the HLSC board members may appoint said replacement. This replacement may run for the position at the next Members' Meeting.

Article VIII.


Section 1: President. The President shall preside over all Board meetings of HLSC and all annual membership meetings. The President shall have general supervision over the affairs and officers, requesting reports from those officers as needed and shall give a report at each annual members’ meeting, detailing activities of the office, reviewing the status of the Corporation, and providing recommendations for growth. The President may call special meetings of the Board of Directors by giving adequate notice of seven (7) days to each Board member. The President may vote in case of a tie or when the vote is taken by ballot. The President shall be cosigner on all bank accounts and shall cosign all checks and/or transfers as specified in the Rules and Regulations. The President shall appoint an assistant to the Secretary or Treasurer, if needed, and shall appoint all committee leaders, and shall be a member of all committees, ex-officio. The President shall sign all certificates and other documents authorized by the Board. The President shall call the Annual Members' Meeting on the second Sunday after Labor Day after church service. The outgoing President shall release all records, documents and reports to the newly elected President immediately following the annual members’ meeting.

Section 2: Vice-President. The Vice-President shall serve in the absence of the President within the boundaries of the President’s responsibilities and authority. The Vice-President shall remain fully informed of the President’s ongoing activities and shall serve in the President’s absence due to death or removal of that officer or at the request of the President. The Vice-President shall assist the President in all duties and responsibilities at the President’s request. The out-going Vice-President shall release all records, documents and reports to the newly elected Vice-President immediately following the annual members’ meeting.

Section 3: Secretary. The Secretary shall receive all membership applications and fees with a receipt provided to the member. This Officer shall transmit a report at each Board meeting and at each annual membership meeting. This Officer shall maintain a file of all Church records, past and present. The outgoing Secretary shall provide the newly elected Officer with all documents within a ten (10) day period.

Section 4: Treasurer. The Treasurer shall pay all bills and expenses of HLSC. Amounts and details are specified in Rules and Regulations. A duplicate file of all receipts shall be kept. The Treasurer shall be custodian or all funds and securities of HLSC. All monies shall be deposited in a bank chosen by the Board. This Officer shall provide a report of accounts to the Board on a monthly basis, or to the President of the Board as requested, and shall provide a yearly report at each annual membership meeting. This Officer shall notify each member of yearly dues two weeks prior to the due date. An audit of accounts shall be performed prior to each annual membership meeting. Membership may require the Treasurer to be bonded. The Treasurer shall provide any newly elected Officer with all records within ten (10) days of election.

Article IX


Section 1: An adult voting member must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) may become a junior member with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Section 2: In order to become eligible for HLSC Membership one (1) of the following conditions must be met:

A. Three (3) months of attendance.

B. A letter of recommendation from another Spiritualist Church official.

Each new adult member is encouraged to complete a course in the Philosophy of Spiritualism. This class is offered once each year. New members will be provided a current copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of HLSC. Any adult member wanting to run for office is expected to become fully knowledgeable of the Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 3: Membership forms shall be obtained from the Secretary/Treasurer and shall be returned with full payment of the current annual dues. All membership applications shall be approved by the Board.

Section 4: All adult members shall have voting rights at each annual membership meeting or any special membership meeting called provided current annual dues have been fully paid.

Article X.


Section 1: All meetings of the Board will be conducted according to the following agenda:

Call to order


Roll Call

Secretary/Treasurer Report


Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

New Business



Section 2: All Board Meetings, Membership Meetings and Annual Meetings will follow the agenda in Section 1. President's Report and elections will be done at the Annual Meeting according to the agenda for that meeting. 

Section 3: The Board of Directors will call an Annual Members’ meeting by notifying all members in writing at least fourteen (14) days in advance.

Section 4: Regular meetings of the Board shall be called by the President with at least a seven (7) day notice to each Board member. Special meetings of the Board or the membership may be called by the President or a majority of the Board to process a particular topic with a ten (10) day written notice given by the President. A Special meeting of the membership may be called by a majority of the members in good standing (dues fully paid) with a fourteen (14) day written notice given to all members.

Section 5: A simple majority of the full number of Board members must agree on every act of the Board before any vote can be enacted.

Section 6: A quorum for any members’ meeting shall consist of those attending.

Article XI.


The fiscal year for the Corporation of HLSC shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31 of each year.

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