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Spiritualism is considered

a Religion, a Philosophy, a Science, and a Way of Life.


Spiritualism is a nondenominational religion practiced worldwide with nine principles. The first principle, “We believe in Infinite Intelligence,” is a non-denominational way of saying we believe in a Supreme Being which some call God. This is a concept we share with other monotheistic religions. The other principles explain how to live our lives for the highest and best.


Spiritualists believe we have life after the change we call death. Our fourth principle says, “We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continues after the change called death.” Spiritualists believe our Soul’s life continues after our passing and that our deceased loved ones want to communicate with us from The Other Side. 


Some Spiritualists, called Mediums, receive messages from The Other Side. The Mediums give these messages to the living. We believe these messages are proof of life after death so Spiritualism is also considered a science.

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