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First Friday of
every month
Gallery Readings are the first Friday of every month. We will have two of our mediums giving messages from your deceased loved ones, guides, angels and possibly more! We can not guarantee you will receive and individual reading, but we encourage you to join us and share in the
energy of the evening.
The cost is just $10.
We hope to see you there.

Gallery Readings

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Yoga for Mindfulness Michelle Spencer

Contact Michele for class info.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children, Caregivers, Homeschool Providers and Students. This one hour class will engage children and adults to be focused and mindful for overall wellness. This class will be acceptable for homeschool students to use as a Physical Education credit. Michelle is a certified Yoga Instructor and certified Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher specializing in trauma-sensitive and challenging behaviors. This class is offered in 6 week intervals for a cost of $50 for the full 6 weeks.

Optional Yoga & Pilates for Health & Fitness is also being offered in two 6 week sessions to help keep you motivated during the holiday season. Inquire for more information

$50 for 6 weeks

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Energy Healing Class, January 8th, Sunday 1:00 - 3:00 pm

This class is designed for folks who would like to be healers during church services. Before you can be a healer during our church service there is a level of understanding and knowledge you must have. Also, our church has certain levels of protocol that must be met. You will learn about the body's energy field and the chakras and you will learn how to feel the energy and how to be a channel for it. You will also learn what it means to be a healer. Stephanie Cartwright is the instructor for this class. Please let her know if you will be attending. Email: Ph: 207-876-4248
Offered by Donation.


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To Be Announced.

Healing for All
w/ Joao Bordallo

Come and experience working with others working with Spirit to heal all beings through drumming, chanting and hands on healing
led by Joao. 

Joao Bordallo is an Afro-Brazilian Healer, a Capoeira Master, a Sufi Master and an amazing drumming healer. Every class is different.

Simple Focused Walking with others can be profound.
You must experience it to understand the Energy Shift.

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