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These should be read and followed by all Mediums and Healers giving readings or healings at the Healing Light Spiritualist Church or representing our Church off the grounds.







Mediumship is a serious responsibility.

Any reading can influence a person’s life.


Mediums must do their part to give readings in a responsible, spiritual manner.


Mediums should avoid sensationalism, self-promotion

and inflated egos.


Mediums should always uphold the Principles of Spiritualism.


Mediums should always uphold and attune to Natural Laws.


Mediums should always remain sacred. 

Mediums should not use profanity.


Mediums should not diagnose or prescribe any medicines or treatment. A Medium can explain any treatment which has worked for them but should never tell the receiver to use this or that. Mediums can recommend books for further study allowing the receiver to help themselves.


Mediums should always ask permission before giving anyone a message. If permission is denied, they should not pursue. After giving a reading Mediums should always close the reading with something similar to “I leave you with the blessings of Spirit.”

Mediums should never argue with the receiver.

“Please take this message with you.”

Mediums should always act with integrity and

never use a reading to manipulate or control.

Mediums should never predict death.

Mediums should always give readings to uplift the person receiving the message.

Mediums are obligated to the moral duty to honor and respect each individual.

Healers act as a channel for Spirit to heal spiritual, emotional, mental or financial healing.

Healers must always honor and respect those they serve.

Healers must never do any harm to those they serve.

Any Medium or Healer who does not follow these guidelines is not only reflecting badly on

Healing Light Spiritualist Church but the bad karma they create will bounce back to them.

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