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What is the Healing Light Spiritualist Church?

We call ourselves a church, but we are much more.

We believe in spiritual growth, energy healing, meditation,

Mediumship development and inspirational worship services.

What is a Spiritualist Church Service like?

A spiritualist church service is comprised of three parts. The first part is the healing service which includes a guided meditation and hands on healing. The second part is an Inspirational talk and the third part is messages from spirit which are brought through by a trained medium. Our services at 38 Stage Rd in Etna, Maine

are Sundays at 10:30am. 


What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is a religion founded in the 19th century. Spiritualists believe the laws of nature and of God include that the personal identity of an individual continues after the change (transition) called death. Spiritualists also believe that we can communicate with those who have transitioned to spirit.

What is a medium?

Mediumship is the practice of communication with souls who have transitioned to spirit. A Medium is a person who mediates this communication. A good medium always tries to bring through evidence, proof, that the spirit they are communicating with is who they say they are. Some examples of evidence are a description of what the person looked like when they were in a physical body, an ailment they have lived with or died from, a name, a profession or a hobby.

What are services like?

Our services are designed to embrace Spiritualist Teachings while remaining open to change so we may grow and unfold as Spirit guides us. Services are divided into three parts: Healing, Inspirational Talk & Messages from Spirit. You may be surprised at the amount of energy, humor, friendship and laughter. We sing everything uplifting from Amazing Grace to Beatles Classics. Some aspects are very similar to a mainstream church and some parts are different. We have a Medium at every service, bringing messages from Spirit. Singing, humor, and laughter help raise the energy and helps the Medium get a strong connection to the Spirit world. No one is expected to sit quietly in their chairs with their hands folded in their laps and children are not only seen, but they are heard.

How much is membership?

It's $20 a year to remain a member in good standing. However, we ask our congregation to make a freewill donation to our collection based on what they can afford. We realize some people cannot afford a set charge and we do not believe it is right to exclude them because we operate in love and light, and we are fully inclusive. We do charge for special events, and some workshops are by donation only. 

How do I find out what's going on?

We use Facebook, this website and monthly email updates to let people know about services, events, workshops, and upcoming Mediums. Sign our guest book when you enter the church and you’ll automatically be put on our email newsletter list.

I'm a member of another church or religion. Will I be welcome?

All are welcome from any religion in the world or indeed anybody who has no religion. Healing Light Spiritualist Church has a very welcoming atmosphere. If you would like to know more about the church or Spiritualism, or are just curious, stop by and check us out at 38 Stage Rd in Etna, Maine on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.

How does a message from Spirit work?

Mediums connect to spirit and will convey messages as clearly and accurately as possible. They will give you information about the Spirit or Spirits coming through, and messages they want to relay to us. The Medium tries to interpret what they receive and simple responses such as "Yes, this rings true" or "No, I don’t understand that" are best. Mediums will ask you if they “may I come to you?” If you choose to say “yes,” also tell the Medium your name, because your voice helps the Medium to get a stronger connection.

How will I feel if I receive a message?

There can be a broad range of reactions to hearing from loved ones including laughter, tears or a sense of peace as messages can touch the heart. Many people experience feelings of peace, reassurance, and closure and it can be an uplifting experience. It’s a good idea to have a friend take notes for you. It’s best to take some time to digest the experience as some details will make sense later on when you have had a chance to reflect.

How do Mediums work?

There are various types of mediumship ability, but with each the Medium has to try and interpret what they receive:


Clairvoyant – Clear-Seeing… The Medium can see non-physical realities or dimensions, surrounding energies, auras, and also non-physical consciousnesses.

  • Clairaudience – Clear-Hearing… The Medium hears voices or other sounds and this is the means of communication.

  • Clairsentience – Clear Feeling…The sensing of a spirit presence including emotion, changes in temperature, smells, etc. 

What is Healing? (Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing)

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks which helps stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. The correction of energy imbalance in the body can improve the health of the body and emotional, physical, psychological financial, and spiritual well-being. We believe healers can channel healing energy into someone. Healing takes place at the church during every Sunday morning worship service that begins at 10:30am. A healer will stand behind you as you are seated and will ask permission to place their hands on shoulders or head. The effects can take a few hours or days to take effect and benefits can be permanent or give temporary relief. 

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic isn’t necessarily a Medium but a Medium is a psychic. A psychic will tune into the energy of a person and senses elements of their past, present and future. A Medium will also tune into the energy of a person in order to connect to the realm of spirit. Through their connection to spirit a Medium can sense the past, present and future of an individual. When a person is having psychic reading there is just the sitter and the reader involved. When a person is having a mediumship reading the sitter, the reader, and spirit is involved.

If a Medium comes to me at church what should I do?

If a medium comes to you during the message part of the service they will normally ask, “May I come to you?” If you would like to receive a message from spirit you simply respond, ‘Yes, thank you.” Once you have received the message simply say, “Thank you.” If you would rather not receive a message at that moment you respond, “No, not at this time. Thank you.”

What is an Energy Healing?

An Energy Healer is a conduit for spiritual healing energy. An Energy Healer learns how to be channel for healing energy to come through. The healing energy does not come from an Energy Healer it comes through them. This may, or may not include a laying on of hands on your shoulders or your head. When you sit for an Energy Healer you are giving permission for them to channel healing energy into you. This healing energy is intelligent and knows exactly what you need and will work to restore balance to whatever physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue you are having.

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