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Music Selection Committee
Objectives & Guidelines

The music committee shall consist of three members of the church, other than the lead pastor, who will review all new music suggestions made by the members. The committee will be responsible for the organization and upkeep of the music catalog. All songs will be numbered, and an index of the locations will be maintained for ease of use by pastors and members of the church.

  • Song should be upbeat and not of depressive nature

  • Absolutely NO profanity! This includes songs with sexual messages or overtones or anything of graphic nature or suggests overtones of abuse, neglect, anger or hatred towards any living creature.

  • Song should be spiritually uplifting.

  • The song will be played as written there is no changing of words allowed. This is disrespectful to the artist who wrote it and the Creator who put the thought in his head. In addition to that it is in violation of federal copyright laws. This will not be tolerated as the church is not willing to be put into this position. This includes all songs in our current catalog.

  • All Committee approved selections will be submitted to the Lead Pastor for final approval at which time they will be added to the catalog and the pastors will be able to pick and use any of them as they see fit for the planning of their services. 

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