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December 2018 Newsletter


Greetings Healing Light Spiritualist Church Members and Friends,

The most hectic, and to me the most sacred time of the year, is upon us. I have long since lost all interest in the hustle and bustle part of the Christmas season, and many years ago I said, "Enough!" Since then I have been able to enjoy the sacredness of the season. Probably one of the wisest decisions I have ever made in my life. 

This shift in consciousness regarding the Christmas season happened pretty naturally and easily for me. I cannot really say how the shift happened but I can say why. As I watched people stressing and wearing themselves out to make everything perfect for their Christmas holidays I thought, "How crazy can people be?" Then I realized I no longer wanted to be a part of that craziness and said, "No more!". The shift had happened with hardly the blink of an eye.

It seems that this holiday craziness has ruined the true meaning of Christmas and I feel very sad about that. But until people slow down and look for the beauty that is inherent in this season of giving I doubt they will ever truly enjoy the holiday. 

My prayer for you is that you can slow down enough to be in a space of peace, love, and joy as the light returns to earth on December 21st, the winter solstice. Allow, to the best of your ability, the stillness and quietness of that light fill your soul with joy so that you may experience the true meaning of Christmas. 

Peace and blessings to all! 



With its many observances, the month of December services will bring a special theme of “Peace on Earth.”  Indeed, we are now ushering in a new millennium of peace. In our services this month, we will focus on and celebrate peace in several of its aspects.
 Dec. 2 - “Peace in Freedom” with Hanukkah
 Dec. 9 - “Peace in Diversity” with Diversity
 Dec. 16 - “Peace in Darkness” with Winter Solstice
 Dec. 23 - “Peace in Love” with Christmas - evening service @ 6:30 pm, town hall, no morning service
 Dec. 30 - “Peace Within” with Kwanza

The Dec. 23rd Christmas service will be a deviation from our regular format as a very special candlelight service will be held at 6:30 pm at the town hall and will include a metaphysical interpretation of the Christmas story, singing of Christmas carols, and lighting of candles. Plan to bring your family and friends to this joyous, deeply inspiring, beautiful Christmas service. Please bring your favorite Christmas cookies or holiday hors-d'oeuvres and plan to stay after for smiles and conversation!

Sunday, December 2nd is refreshment Sunday. In keeping with the theme for that Sunday's service, "Peace in Freedom" with Hanukkah, bringing Hanukkah goodies would be great. Here are some suggestions:  Jelly donuts, Hanukkah cookies, cheese, bagels, and cream cheese, macaroons, potato latkes. 

Church membership dues are due in January. If you joined the church after September 1st you will not need to pay dues until January of 2020. Watch your mail for the renewal form. 

To update you on the purchase of our church building let me just say it is still a work in progress. There are some things that have to fall into place before we can go to closing, but we are confident that things will indeed fall into place. 

 More News!

You can access the minutes for our November 18th board meeting by clicking this link: https://www.healinglightspiritualistchurch.org/board-meeting-minutes

If you are a member in good standing you can request to see the church financial statements by sending an email to HealingLightEtna@gmail.com

We have added 4 new members to our church family, Belinda Mitchel, Mark Mitchel, Dawn Wilber, and John Welch. We bid you WELCOME!

It is so exciting when people decide to become members. To me, it says, "We like it here. We like what you have to offer and we want to be a part of that." Thanks, Belinda, Mark, Dawn, and John for choosing The Healing Light Spiritualist church as your spiritual home.

One thing I have always advocated is that each member of our church is important to us and to each other. You are part of our family and church community. Our goal to each member is, at least in part, to make sure our members know they do not walk alone through this life. You now have like-minded family members that will lend an ear or a helping hand. We, your church family, are here to help each other. If you have need of spiritual counseling the pastors are here to help. Feel free to reach out to any one of us. If you have other needs please bring them to a board member and we will discuss possibilities for giving you assistance.


Our December Sunday Service Line Up:

Facilitator: Rev. Linda Holmes



December 2nd: Dawn Wilbur
December 9th: Pastor Laurie Xanthos
December 16th: Ava Spruce
December 23rd: Special Christmas Service - evening service @ 6:30 pm, town hall, no morning service
December 30th: Healing and message service

About Our Speakers and Mediums

Dawn Wilbur is a member of HLSC. She is a Reiki Master trained in Integrated Energy therapy and has been delivering messages from spirit during her healing sessions for some time. She has been delivering messages from spirit to the general public for approximately 2 years. Dawn lives in Frankfurt with her husband, son, small livestock of chickens and their yellow lab.

Laurie Xanthos is a pastor of HLSC. She is an exceptional medium, healer, shaman, teacher, and speaker. Laurie lives in Dixfield, Maine.

Ava Spruce is a member of HLSC. She is a Reiki practitioner in the Usui System of Healing. Ava is a creative and loving soul who has been seeing, hearing and feeling spirit from a very young age. She began Mediumship Development classes at age 15 with her father and has been taking these classes now for over 30 years. Ava enjoys serving area churches as speaker and medium and her focus is on sharing love and light. 

Weather Notifications

The HLSC Facebook page is a good place to check for weekly church news and updates and now that the snow and ice season is upon us this is where we will post cancellations. We will also post them to the local TV station WLBZ channel 2. Please bookmark our FB page so you can easily check for weather notifications. https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Light-Spiritualist-Church-of-Etna-ME-146077428893201/?ref=bookmarks


Mother nature is fickle and can change her mind where weather is concerned. If we cancel church service due to expected bad weather and the weather changes for the better the service is still canceled. Thank you for understanding.


The first Sunday of every month is refreshment Sunday. To keep things simple bring finger foods only. Suggestions for our special December 2nd service are, Jelly donuts, Hanukkah cookies, cheese, bagels, and cream cheese, macaroons, potato latkes. 

If you have been coming to our church for a while and would like to become a member you can find out about our "membership requirements" on our website: https://www.healinglightspiritualistchurch.org/

The back row of chairs is designated as healing chairs for those folks who have difficulty getting up and down or walking up front to sit in a healing chair. There will be a healer assigned to those chairs at every service.

You can send prayer requests and/or "suggestions" from our website. You will find the form on the “Contact Us” page.

If you would like to serve as a speaker and/or a medium during one of our services please see one of the pastors. Thank you.

To Say Thanks

A BIG THANK YOU to Ava Spruce, for putting together the goody bags for our December 2nd service
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helps set up for our services every Sunday.
A BIG THANK YOU to the pastors who serve our church all year long.
A BIG THANK YOU to our speakers and mediums who serve our church throughout the year.
A BIG THANK YOU to our Board of Directors
A BIG THANK YOU to Diane Jackman Skolfield for maintaining the church website in addition to filling the post of secretary.

TO BE CLEAR, everyone who serves our church, no matter what the capacity, is a blessing to us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


The first Sunday of every month is Refreshment Sunday. Come to enjoy the service and stay after for refreshments and good conversation with like-minded folks.

A Mediumship Development Group meets every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM at Rev. Janet Decker's cottage, 90 Pond St, on the Camp Etna grounds. If you don't know where that is just call or email me. Everyone is welcome, beginners through advanced. Donations welcome. 

If you are holding a spiritual/mediumship/psychic event and would like to have it added to the church newsletter please be aware that I will need that information by the 15th of the month prior to the month being published. Example, for the January newsletter, I need the information by December 15th. Please send info to me via email. You will find my contact info at the bottom of the newsletter. The church reserves the right to accept or deny submissions.

The pastoral council and the church board of directors are open to hearing suggestions that may improve our church service and make it an even more inviting time of peace and healing. Please feel free to approach us or send us an email if you have a suggestion. All contact information is below.

Thanks for reading and most of all thanks for being part of our church. Please DO share this newsletter.

Have a blessed holiday season!
Rev. Janet Decker


Rev. Janet Decker
Email: janet.decker9@gmail.com
Ph: 207-404-1845

Pastor Laurie Xanthos
Email: ahappymedium5555@gmail.com
Ph: 207-647-3781
Pastor Linda Holmes
Email: billindaholmes@gmail.com
Ph: 207-341-4978

Janice Nelson Kroesser
Email: administrator@janussupported.org
Ph: 207-845-2885 

Diane Jackman Skolfield
Email: dianejackmanskolfield@gmail.com

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