Healing Certification Classes  

Occasionally we host Healing Light Spiritualist Church Healing Certification Classes. It consists of 2 classes on traditions and etiquette and is held Sunday afternoons at approximately 1pm on 2 consecutive Sundays. Attendance at both classes is required in order to receive your certification.  

There is no charge for these classes, however, donations are greatly appreciated.

One of our teachers of these classes is Pastor Laurie. She passionately brings a great deal of experience to the classroom and we have had comments made that she is an excellent teacher. 

She feels sharing her knowledge is an investment in a more harmonious universe.

I completely agree with her.

I can attest to Laurie's skill as a teacher because I took a Shamanic Journeying class from her and enjoyed it completely. I know you will gain a lot of knowledge from Laurie.

If you are feeling called to be a vessel of service through healing then I encourage you to attend. Please know that these classes are for anyone who feels the calling, not just members of the church. So please do share the information with others. There is no such thing as too many healers.


Lead Pastor, Rev. Janet Decker, C.Ht.