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January Board Meeting Minutes

January Board Meeting Minutes : January 21, 2024, Meeting was called to order at 1:02pm...

January Board Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2024
Meeting called to order at 1:02
Invocation by Angel Downing
Board Members Roll Call:
President: Rev. Janet Decker
Acting Vice President: Rev. Tara Gilmartin
Secretary: Diane Jackman
Acting Treasurer: Gigi Delmundo- not present
Trustee: Terri Kovac
Trustee: Stephanie Cartwright - not present
Acting Trustee: Rev. Angel Downing
October 2023 minutes will be sent out and approved via email.
Secretary Report
Ratified-motion was made, seconded and all were in favor of making HLSC grounds smoke free
Ratified-motion was made, seconded and all were against allowing an outside organization, Outlaw Dance Company to hold classes.
Ratified-motion was made, seconded and all were in favor of the following guidelines regarding outside contractors: 1-never give a deposit to anyone we have not done business with previously 2-never pay in full until job is complete 3-a board member shall always be involved when anyone takes on a project for HLSC
Ratified- motion was made, seconded and all were in favor to set aside some time to honor the spirit of founding member, Nancy Dubois, at teh June 30th All Healing Church Service hosted by Diane Jackman and Donna Williams.

Diane updated Constitution and ByLaws and sent copies to all Board Members and updated the website.
Diane updated Rules and Regs and added Rules of Conduct at the end of Rules and Regs and sent copies to all Board Members and updated the website.
Website-now has google calendar and home page photo pop ups for upcoming and ongoing events.
Correspondence: Letter to Josie at Outlaw Dance Company explaining board against

Treasurer’s Report - Angel will send to those requesting
Committee Reports:
Activities Report - Chili Cookoff on February 24, 2024, DJ, Authors for judging, Channel 5, on the radio
Stephanie’s Reiki class at the end of the month
Drum Circle will happen on the 25th on January
Unfinished Business:
-Nason, parking lot & driveway was not done up to our standards but the contract does not specify what we wanted so we are moving on rather than sue and risk spending money to lose

-Heating was taken care of
-Song book cover is completed
-Vacuum - maybe a roomba vacuum
-Printer - currently using the old one without color. Sending out jobs for flyers.
-Meet and Greet - at every church service and people like it
-By-laws - someone will set up a chat to talk about reading the by-laws and understanding them
-Robert’s Rules are used when our by laws do not address a situation
-Secretary will send out notifications a week before the board meeting with zoom link to all HLSC members. Angel will get an email list to Diane.
New Business:
-Roof and Storage Shed- hole on the back corner of garage #2 where tin was blown off. Frame board on garage #2 needs to be repaired. Perhaps paint lines- at least for the handicap walkway. Cannot facilitate boats and campers-too tall and unable to move. Terri will see if her relative will have time to fix the hole in the roof.
-Safe Discussion- Angel is going to call the company that manufactured the safe we have to see if we can make it work. If not then Angel will get what she needs for a safe to hold all the important papers. Motion was made, seconded and all were in favor.
-A motion was made, seconded and all were in favor to allow Angel Downing to step into the Treasurer’s Position that was left vacant by member leaving due to illness. Angel will hold this position along with her Trustee position. Tara Gilmartin will take on the Trustee position along with her Vice President position. These ladies will maintain these positions until the next membership meeting at which time we will vote on going back to 5 (five) board members.

- Member Application process may be discussed at a later date.
- Talk about the possibility of videotaping the Wednesday night services

Benediction given by Diane Jackman Skolfield
Meeting Adjourned at 2:40pm

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