January 2019
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Refreshment Sunday - January 6th

Greetings Healing Light Spiritualist Church Members and Friends,

And so we have arrived in a new year, 2019...WooHoo!

As the old year passes into history and a new year dawns let us look back at the many blessings we have received in 2018, and I'm not talking about just the positive. The negatives are a blessing as well. It is easy to be thankful for the positive things that occur in our lives but how many of us are willing to see the negatives as a blessing too?

Did 2018 hold some unpleasantness for you? Often we find that all we want is to put the old and the unpleasant stuff behind us, or ignore it completely, and focus only on the positive. However, perhaps we should not be so hasty to bury the negatives. All challenges come with a gift, difficult as that may be for us human beings to grasp, it is none the less true.

Challenges that seem to be very negative offer us the greatest gifts of all... if we are willing to look at them without judgment. Perhaps the negative challenges happened because it was time to purge that which is negative. If someone or something is not contributing positively to our spiritual growth and development then it is best that we recognize this and let it, or them, go. Or, perhaps the negative challenges happened because we need to learn to rise above them, they may simply be part of our spiritual growth and evolution... although please keep in mind that nothing is ever one-sided. Those who create a problem and those who experience it both have something to learn from it. There is HUGE potential here for spiritual growth for everyone concerned.

Absolutely everything we have experienced this year, positive or negative, has a purpose. By looking at it without judgment you can see the gift. On the other hand, if you ignore what has occurred in the hopes the trouble, and or pain it caused, will cease to hurt or anger you, think again... what we do not see repeats itself until we do.

As we look at the challenges we encountered in 2018, and those yet to come, let's keep this in mind, "God-Centered Choices". When God-Centered Choices are made there's a whole lot less negativity flying around. It begins with each one of us. We cannot dictate what others do, however, we can certainly set the intention for ourselves of making God-Centered Choices. In fact, that sounds like a perfect new year resolution, to always make God-Centered choices...Let's do it!
Love, peace, and blessings to all in 2019!
Rev. Janet Decker


Church services in December were a HUGE success! They were extremely upbeat while at the same time very sacred and moving. It was nice to see many new faces as well as faces we have not seen in some time. And always, always, it is a pleasure to see the many faces of those who come often to church.

There were many people who participated in the December services so please do read the "Thank You" section further along in the newsletter. We are so very grateful for your service!

As we move into the new year consider bringing a friend to church with you. They will not be disappointed. As one person confided to me, "This is how a church service should be." What she meant was, welcoming and uplifting and our church services lay claim to both! 

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held after church on January 20th. All church members are welcome to attend and your input is always appreciated.

There will be no mediumship group on Sunday, January 20th.

We have a purchase agreement in place for our very own building and we hope to close on it in January or early February. Once the building is ours we can begin to really grow our church. There are lots of ideas going around about classes that can be offered and fundraisers we can hold. It is all very exciting so please do keep the ideas coming!

Church membership dues are due in January. If you joined the church after September 1st, 2018 you will not need to pay dues until January of 2020. Watch your mail for the renewal form. Also, you can now pay your dues on our website. At the bottom of the home page, you will see "Membership Dues $20.00" and a "Donate" button. Just click on that button to pay your dues. Please be aware that we will still need the form you receive in the mail to be returned to us so that we have your correct address, phone number, and email address. Thanks!
More News!

You can access the minutes for our November 18th board meeting by clicking this link: https://www.healinglightspiritualistchurch.org/board-meeting-minutes There was no board meeting in December.

If you are a member in good standing you can request to see the church financial statements by sending an email to HealingLightEtna@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Janet Decker offers an Independent Spiritualist Ordination Program. To learn more about it click here: https://www.healinglightspiritualistchurch.org/ordination-


Our January Sunday Service Line Up:

Facilitator: Rev. Janet Decker


January 6th: Graham Connolly
January 13th: Dawn Wilbur
January 20th: Bonnie Mellott
January 27th: Healing and Message Circle

About Our Speakers and Mediums

Graham Connolly is a long time Spiritualist who has been serving churches and camps for over 20 years. Graham is a certified medium, Commissioned Healer, Energy Medicine practitioner and Spiritualist Teacher.

Dawn Wilbur is a member of HLSC. She is a Reiki Master trained in Integrated Energy therapy and has been delivering messages from spirit during her healing sessions for some time. She has been delivering messages from spirit to the general public for approximately 2 years. Dawn lives in Frankfurt with her husband, son, small livestock of chickens and their yellow lab.

Bonnie Lee Mellott is a member of The Healing Light Spiritualist Church. She is a retired school teacher as well as a wonderful writer and inspirational speaker. She lives with her husband and beloved 4 legged companions in Carmel.

Weather Notifications

The HLSC Facebook page is a good place to check for weekly church news and updates and now that the snow and ice season is upon us this is where we will post cancellations. We will also post them to the local TV station WLBZ channel 2. Please bookmark our FB page so you can easily check for weather notifications. https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Light-Spiritualist-Church-of-Etna-ME-146077428893201/?ref=bookmarks


The first Sunday of every month is refreshment Sunday. To keep things simple bring finger foods only.

If you have been coming to our church for a while and would like to become a member you can find out about our "membership requirements" on our website: https://www.healinglightspiritualistchurch.org/

The back row of chairs is designated as healing chairs for those folks who have difficulty getting up and down or walking up front to sit in a healing chair. There will be a healer assigned to those chairs at every service.

You can send prayer requests and/or "suggestions" from our website. You will find the form on the “Contact Us” page.

If you would like to serve as a speaker and/or a medium during one of our services please see one of the pastors. Thank you.

To Say Thanks

There are so many people to thank for their help with our December services that I hardly know where to begin!

A BIG THANK YOU to Ava Spruce, for putting together the goody bags and Ted Warren for saying the prayers in Hebrew at our Hanukkah service. Bruce Towle for making the Yule Log for our Winter Solstice Service. Karen Costigan for manning the refreshment table at our Christmas service, Peter and Thoy Conroy, Mark and Belinda Mitchell, Kim Mahone, Bruce Towle, and Michele McPherson for coming early to help decorate and set up for the Christmas service and to Jasmine for taking up the offering. And A BIG THANK YOU to the many folks in our church family who agreed to light candles, do special readings at the services and to those who agreed to serve as healers. Without every one of you, these special services would have been just a little less special.

A VERY SPECIAL BIG THANK YOU to Rev. Linda Holmes for the many, many hours of dedicated work it took to bring us 4 special heartfelt December services. The time and effort that went into these services is unbelievable. Not just putting together the material and presenting it at every service, but there were tons of phone calls, texts, and coordination of efforts, and hours of shopping. I can honestly say that Rev. Linda went way over and above board for all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

"Hi, it’s Rev. Linda. I knew Janet was wanting to thank everyone for all their help and support during this holiday season with all the amazing celebrations we’ve done, and I knew she would omit one very important person—herself. So I wanted to send out this ENORMOUS thank you to Rev. Janet. I could never have accomplished putting the services together without her, even with all the help from all of you who did so much. Janet put all the music together for the December programs and handled the music for me during the services.  When I asked her to do some of the special readings and candle lighting's, she never hesitated. She not only helped decorate but also helped with some of the shopping. She sent out the special announcements for each of the services. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all her help and support. So here it is . . . THANK YOU, REV. JANET, FOR ALL YOU DO AND ALL YOU ARE. YOU ARE TRULY A BLESSING TO ME AND TO OUR BELOVED CHURCH COMMUNITY."

In deepest gratitude,
Rev. Linda  

A BIG THANK YOU to Peter Conroy and Diane Skolfield for their efforts on putting together a Standard Operating Procedures Manual for our church
A BIG THANK YOU to Don and Diane Skolfied for working on the church By-Laws
A BIG THANK YOU to our Board of Directors
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helps set up for our services every Sunday.
A BIG THANK YOU to the pastors who serve our church all year long.
A BIG THANK YOU to our speakers and mediums who serve our church throughout the year.
A BIG THANK YOU to Diane Jackman Skolfield for maintaining the church website in addition to filling the post of secretary.

TO BE CLEAR, everyone who serves our church, no matter what the capacity, is a blessing to us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


The first Sunday of every month is Refreshment Sunday. Come to enjoy the service and stay after for refreshments and good conversation with like-minded folks.

A Mediumship Development Group meets every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM at Rev. Janet Decker's cottage, 90 Pond St, on the Camp Etna grounds. If you don't know where that is, just call or email me. Everyone is welcome, beginners through advanced. Donations welcome. (No group on January 20th.)

If you are holding a spiritual/mediumship/psychic event and would like to have it added to the church newsletter please be aware that I will need that information by the 15th of the month prior to the month being published. Example, for the February newsletter I need the information by January 15th. Please send info to me via email. You will find my contact info at the bottom of the newsletter. The church reserves the right to accept or deny submissions.

The pastoral council and the church board of directors are open to hearing suggestions that may improve our church service and make it an even more inviting time of peace and healing. Please feel free to approach us or send us an email if you have a suggestion. All contact information is below.

Thanks for reading and most of all, thanks for being part of our church and please DO share this newsletter.

Wishing everyone many blessings of the spirit in 2019!
Rev. Janet Decker


Rev. Janet Decker
Email: janet.decker9@gmail.com
Ph: 207-404-1845

Pastor Laurie Xanthos
Email: ahappymedium5555@gmail.com
Ph: 207-647-3781

Pastor Linda Holmes
Email: billindaholmes@gmail.com
Ph: 207-341-4978

Janice Nelson Kroesser
Email: administrator@janussupported.org
Ph: 207-845-2885 

Diane Jackman
Email: dianejackmanskolfield@gmail.com
Ph: 305-942-0670

Bruce Towle
Email: bjbat@uninets.net
Ph: 207-948-3436 









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