March 2015



Greetings Everyone and a Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!


There is no doubt that this has been the winter that just keeps on giving. As I sit here writing this it is February 19th and it is snowing yet again. However, because I make every effort to look at things from all sides I am choosing to believe that this incredibly cold and snowy winter has a very bright side.


In my estimation this record breaking winter will greatly reduce the numbers of many insect pests this spring and summer. You know the ones; they eat up our gardens, berry bushes, and fruit trees, without mercy.


For years Maine escaped many of the pests that plague the other, more southerly, states because our cold winters kept them from coming here. Then came global warming and pests streamed in. Take Japanese Beetles for instance. They were not a problem in Maine until about 13 years or so ago. At least they were not a problem in the mid coast area of Maine. Now, well, they are here dining voraciously on all of our favorite things.


So you see, there is a special gift that such a long, cold and snowy winter brings us. Let's embrace it and thank the Universe for taking care of us. As an organic gardener having fewer garden eating insects makes me especially grateful.



So, what things can we look forward to in March? Spring of course! And, the days are growing longer and brighter. How wonderful is that!? Also, daylight savings time begins on March 8th so remember to “Spring Forward!”

Wachian adds that the day we enter DST and set our clocks forward one hour is also a good time to change the batteries in your our detectors. Thanks, Wachian, for reminding us.


On the Winter Solstice the Northern Hemisphere gets just 9 hours and 32 minutes of daylight. By the time of the Spring Equinox the Northern Hemisphere gets approximately 12 hours of Daylight and this is worth smiling about.


Serving the church in March is:

Facilitator - Pastor Donna Williams




March 1st – Pastor Donna Williams/Dee Powers

March 8th – Kelly LaRochelle

March 15th – Lauren Powers

March 22nd – Rev. Janet Decker

March 29th – Pastor Dee Powers

March 8th – Pastoral Council Meets


On March 22nd we will be having our special Equinox Ceremony. We will still have our regular healing, and mediumship portions of the service as well so not to worry.


About the Equinox: The Equinoxes are times of equal day and night, or nearly so. Imagine if you will that you are standing in the middle of a circle and can see equally in all directions. Or, you can imagine you are standing on the top of Cadillac Mountain. If you've been there you will remember that you have a 360 degree view from there, and it is magnificent, I might add.  This time of year gives us the greatest chance for the clearest vision of what it is we want or need for ourselves moving forward.


The Spring Equinox ushers in a time of renewal. A time when the earth begins to wake up from her long slumber, a time for planting seeds and for those seeds to germinate. When I talk about planting seeds I'm not just talking literally but also metaphorically.


If you remember, in our New Year's Ceremony you wrote down what no longer served you and you released it to the fire to be burned away. You also wrote down what you would like to have come into your life and we sent those requests out into the universe with the smoke as we burned them. Now is the time to put energy into the ideas that you birthed at New Years.


So that we may more effectively use these energies to our highest good and the highest good of all we will be doing a ceremony to celebrate the Equinox the way many of our ancestors did.


When we come together in ceremony we join together as one. One heart, one mind one voice and our power to effect change in our lives and on the planet is magnified a thousand times or more. Also when we come together in ceremony we honor the ancient ones who were, in many respects, more in tune with their true nature as Sacred Unity than we are.


Also, whenever we come together with the intention of doing sacred work through ceremony The Councils of Light are present. They bring in the higher octaves of vibration that can assist us in moving into higher levels of consciousness. Doing ceremony helps us to be conscious of ourselves at higher levels of being. And in so doing we are open to working with the Councils of Light.


I hope you can attend and be sure to bring with you a full and grateful heart and an open mind.

This month's Spiritualism Nugget is: Spiritualism is a philosophy because it studies the laws of nature both on the seen and unseen sides of life and bases its conclusions upon present observed facts. It accepts statements of observed facts of past ages and conclusions drawn therefrom, when sustained by reason and by results of observed facts of the present day.


Movie Recommendation: I recommend watching the movie "Temple Grandin". It is a true story about the brilliant and amazing achievements of an Autistic Woman.


It is not just that it is a good movie but in watching it you will see the Universe and the Law of Attraction at work in this woman's life. It thoroughly demonstrates how an idea, together with the passion to make it happen, really does bring you what you want, often miraculously, although I doubt the producers ever recognized this all too obvious scenario.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. Enjoy!




A BIG THANK YOU to Dee who did a wonderful job facilitating the services in February. 


In January Wachian was wearing a frown because he only got to lead two services due to bad weather. In February Dee was wearing that same frown. I tell her what I told Wachian, do not worry, there will be plenty more future services for you to lovingly guide us through.


Dee, you did a terrific job and we look forward to your heartfelt service to the church in the future.


I want to thank Angie Butler for stepping in, without notice I might add, to give messages on February 1st. You did a fabulous job, Angie!




Mark your calendars for the first Sunday of every month. This is our Pot Luck Sunday. Come, enjoy the service and share some food and conversation after.


The Mediumship Development group meets every Sunday at my cottage on the Camp Etna grounds at 1:30. Whatever stage of development you are in you are always welcome to join us. Attending this group is free of charge; however, donations are gladly accepted. Note: If church service is canceled due to bad weather the development group is also canceled.


The Mid Maine homeless shelter is always in need of many things. If you have items you would like to donate just bring them to church on any Sunday. (PLEASE, no unwashed clothing articles, no clothing with pet hair, and no clothing with holes in them).


Here is a list of supplies they could use:

Diapers - all sizes

Trash bags

Toilet tissues, paper towels, and tissues

All Purpose cleaner

Paper plates, cups, and napkins (square)

HE laundry detergent

Ziploc bags and aluminum foil

Food storage containers

Grocery store gift certificates

Soap, shampoo, and conditioner

Feminine products (pads and tampons)


Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Razors and shaving cream

Coffee (regular; decaf) and creamer

Sugar and drink mixes

Canned and non-perishable foods

Children's books


Canaan Fire Department needs sweat pants and sweat shirts to give out to people who, during a fire, are forced to flee their homes with no more than the shirt on their backs. It is not necessary to buy new. Clean, used items in good condition are very welcome. Please bring them to the church on any Sunday.


To all who have contributed in the past, or will contribute in the future, to any of the above causes, your gifts are truly a blessing. Thank you.


Weather (Cancellation) Notification

When there is a threat of bad weather church services and meetings are canceled. You can check on the local TV news stations for our cancellations. Once in a while we cancel church and then the storm doesn't manifest. Ahhhhh, nature, you just cannot always predict her. Never the less, once church has been canceled we do not change it. Please make a note of this.


Also, if you are on the churches email list you will receive notice that way as well.


As winter continues please be ever mindful of safety both in the home and in your comings and goings. Always think, Safety First!


If you know of anyone who would like to know more about our Healing Light Church and would enjoy reading our newsletter please, by all means, do pass along. 


Warm Blessings to all,

Rev. Janet Decker



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