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Greetings and Welcome to May!

There are some really great things happening in May and I am excited to tell you about them.

The 2nd class for the Healers' Certification will be held on Sunday, May 17th.  This class will go from 12:30 to 2:30 and certificates will be handed out at its conclusion.

I am thrilled to report that the first class, held on April 26th, was well attended and very well received. Congratulations to each of our "soon to be" graduates. We look forward to having you share your healing gifts in church as well as other venues moving forward.

Our new web site is up and running! I think it looks terrific. You can check it out here:

Our ordination course is up and ready to go. Anyone interested in becoming ordained as an Independent Spiritualist Minister can go to the church web site, above, and click the “Classes” link, then click on “Ordination”. There you will see a course description and the syllabus. When you click on the “Buy Now” button you will be taken to the Pay Pal web site. You do not have to have an account with Pay Pal but to use it you do need to have a major credit card. When you have paid for the course Pay Pal will notify me. I will then enroll you in the ordination course within 24 hours.

Once enrolled you will receive an email notification with a link which will take you to the International Metaphysical University (IMU) web site and instructions on how to log into your course. The learning platform is very user friendly. If I can use it anyone can :-)

You may also pay for the program by check or Money Order. You can mail it to:

The Healing Light Spiritualist Church
PO Box 137
Etna, ME 04434

The program consists of 9 lessons and cost $197.00. It involves listening to audio lectures, taking quizzes, research and writing, not a ton of it but some, writing and recording prayers, a guided meditation and an inspirational talk. Also, there is a classroom forum with a new question each week that you are expected to take part in. The forums are used to promote discussions between the students. Participating in the forum does count toward your successful completion of the program.

The lessons are designed to be taken one per week, however, you can work at your own pace as long as it is completed within 12 weeks. Extensions can be granted if needed. You may also complete it sooner than 9 weeks. I will be the one reading and grading the research papers and critiquing the recordings. I will also be monitoring the forums for participation.

At the completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Ordination as an Independent Spiritualist Minister with all legal rights, and responsibilities, from the International Metaphysical University,


For a very long time there were only 2 options for becoming ordained: get a certificate for free without doing any work, or, doing a ton of work over several years at a high cost of both money and time. Now, there is a third option and I feel really good about it.

Putting this program together was a labor of love for me. Yes, it took countless hours of work but every one of those hours was satisfying. As I write to you about this now I feel so very fortunate to have had this opportunity. I wish to thank everyone who encouraged me to step up to the plate and put the ordination program together.

And Still More Exciting News!

Camp Etna held its first board meeting of the year on April 25th.  At that meeting Donna and I raised the idea of moving the Healing Light Church to the temple on the campground. The support among the board members for this was more than enthusiastic. Here is what we worked out.

The camp will be responsible for:

1) Remediation of mold
2) Insulating the temple floor
3) Installing a heating & air conditioning system
4) Laying gravel in the new parking area
5) Plowing and sanding the parking area in the winter
6) Installing a handicap ramp on the parking lot side of the temple
Benefits for the church are as follows:

1) The church will have a 3 year contract at $200.00 per month, which is essentially what we are paying now, however, at the end of the 3 year contract, provided all expenses for winterizing the temple have been recouped, our rent will likely drop to cover just the cost of utilities. In other words, the campground is not looking to make money off the church.
2) We can use the temple for other activities without incurring an added expense. Right now we pay $25.00 for each 2 hour slot we reserve at the town hall.
3) We won't have to set up and break down every week... YEAH!
4) For those of us with a hearing impairment the temple offers greater ease of listening
5) We will actually have a real church building dedicated to celebrating spirit, raising awareness of spiritualism, promoting spiritualism, and best of all, the campground carries the energy of all the spiritualists that have come and gone since it was first established in 1876. There is no price we can put on that!

Benefits for the campground are:

1) They have a year round building for use.
2) Year round visibility, meaning, the camp doesn't disappear when camp season ends making it easier to promote camp season.
3) The camp can host events through the winter if they choose.

Our contract with the town ends on June 25th. This means the first service in the temple would be on June 28th.

I would like to add that the pastoral council is all in favor of moving the church to the temple building on the campground. We see it as very positive and life affirming.

All that being said, we do need the church members to vote on this. So, on Sunday May 17th at the end of the church service the membership will vote. Please know that only the members in good standing have a vote. Meaning, you must be up to date with your church dues. If you are a member in good standing and would like to vote but cannot be in church on the 17th you can, if you wish, send a signed and dated paper ballot with a Yes or a No written on it to:

Healing Light Spiritualist Church
PO Box 137
Etna, ME 04434

The vote must be received before Sunday, May 17th. Please feel free to bring any thoughts, questions or concerns to any of the pastors. We will be happy to talk with you about it.

Serving the church in May:
Facilitator - Rev. Janet Decker

May 3rd - Rev. Janet Decker
May 10th - Marcia Ruland/Pastor Dee Powers
May 17th - Graham Connely
May 24th - Kelly LaRochelle
May 31st - Facilitator Pastor Wachian Welch/Kate Dobbins

May 17th - Healing Certification Class at the Etna Town Hall 12:30 - 2:30

May 16th - HLSC Mediums Day. It will be held on the Camp Etna grounds from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. There will be healers available as well as mediums. All proceeds go to support the church. Please tell your friends!

Also we are asking for donations of food so we can feed the mediums and healers who are so generously giving of their time and talents for this event. Food donations can be brought to the campground office any time before 11:30 AM.

There will be no pastoral council meeting in May. The next council meeting will be on June 14th.

Looking ahead:

June 22 - June 27 - I will be teaching two different Past Life Regression Training and Certification courses at Camp Etna. This is a fund raiser for the camp. Please click on the "Events" tab on my web site for details: . You can also find the information on the Camp Etna web site.

June 27th - Camp Etna's first Mediums' Day of the season

June 28th - Camp Season Begins! Our own Pastor Laurie Xanthos is the medium of the week.

You can find out more about what is happening at camp this year on the Camp Etna web site:


 A BIG THANK YOU Pastor Laurie for teaching the Healing Certification classes, GREAT JOB, LAURIE!

Another BIG THANK YOU to Diane Skolfield for designing our wonderful new web site. I just want to add here that Diane told me it was an honor to serve her beautiful church in this way. Diane, YOU ROCK!  

A BIG THANK YOU, in advance, to everyone who will be helping out with our Mediums' Day fund raiser. You are appreciated more than you know.

Healing Prayers and Good Wishes Going Out To:

Janet Ciano who moved to Florida on April 26th. Janet you are ever in our hearts and prayers. We wish you great joy and much healing in your new home state.

Arlene Grant who has been ill through much of the winter and will be returning to the hospital in New Hampshire for further treatment this month. Our prayers go out to Arlene and her husband Dwight.

Just so everyone knows, you can now send us prayer requests from our web site. You will find the form on the “Contact Us” page.



Mark your calendars for the first Sunday of every month. This is our Pot Luck Sunday. Come, enjoy the service and share some food and conversation after.


The Mediumship Development group meets every Sunday at my cottage on the Camp Etna grounds at 1:30. Whatever stage of development you are in you are always welcome to join us. Attending this group is free of charge; however, donations are gladly accepted.


The Mid Maine homeless shelter is always in need of many things. If you have items you would like to donate just bring them to church on any Sunday. (PLEASE, no unwashed clothing articles, no clothing with pet hair, and no clothing with holes in them).


Here is a list of supplies they could use:

Diapers - all sizes

Trash bags

Toilet tissues, paper towels, and tissues

All Purpose cleaner

Paper plates, cups, and napkins (square)

HE laundry detergent

Ziploc bags and aluminum foil

Food storage containers

Grocery store gift certificates

Soap, shampoo, and conditioner

Feminine products (pads and tampons)


Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Razors and shaving cream

Coffee (regular; decaf) and creamer

Sugar and drink mixes
Canned and non-perishable foods

Children's books


Canaan Fire Department needs sweat pants and sweat shirts to give out to people who, during a fire, are forced to flee their homes with no more than the shirt on their backs. It is not necessary to buy new. Clean, used items in good condition are very welcome. Please bring them to the church on any Sunday. Childrens sweats are also needed.

To all who have contributed in the past, or will contribute in the future, to any of the above causes, your gifts are truly a blessing. Thank you.


If you know of anyone who would like to know more about our Healing Light Spiritualist Church and would enjoy reading our newsletter please, by all means, do pass along. WHEW, This is one very long newsletter!  Thanks for reading and most of all, thanks for being part of our church. Without you, there would be no church. Guess what? I did not have to put weather cancellation info in this newsletter... Woo Hoo!!!  If you live in New England you know why this one little thing makes me sooooo happy :-)


Warm Blessings to all,

Rev. Janet Decker



Rev. Janet Decker, C.Ht.
Ph:  207-722-4241

Pastor Wachian Welch
Ph: 207-514-6023


Pastor Dee Powers
Ph:  207-557-1979


Pastor Donna Williams
Ph:  207-269-2992

Pastor Laurie Xanthos





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