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Happy November, Everyone!

I must say this has been a most spectacular fall season. The colors were over the top gorgeous, wouldn't you agree?

On my drive to camp I always have the good fortune to observe one of the most beautiful mountain views anywhere. I frequently stop atop the mountain on route 7, right at the Penobscot County line, and just take it all in. We are fortunate here in Maine to have clear skies, as opposed to hazy smog filled skies. We are truly blessed to live in one of the most pristine states in the lower 48.

Now the News!

Here is a particularly wonderful piece of news. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Pastor Wachian Welch has successfully completed the Healing Light Spiritualist Church online course to become our first Ordained Independent Spiritualist Minister with all the legal rights and responsibilities that go along with it. Reverend Wachian Welch, we are proud of you... WooHoo!!!

As I stated in last month's newsletter, answering the call to become an ordained minister is no small step. As a minister you will likely be called upon for spiritual counseling from time to time and the impact of your words will follow the people you counsel not only through this lifetime but also through every lifetime that follows. In essence you become a spiritual guide and this is no small thing. That being said, hats off to those who hear the calling and follow it.

We have received word that our dear friend and church member, Janet Ciano, is quite ill and has been moved to hospice care. We will forever miss her beautiful piano playing that she shared with us for so many years. Please keep her and her husband, John, in your prayers. Here is her mailing address if you would like to send her a card.

Janet Ciano
1343 Northgate Blvd.
Fairborn, OH 45624

We have started our Thanksgiving food drive. Food and/or monetary donations are given to folks in Etna and Newport who are having a tough time of it, financially. You can place any donations you have in or around the donation basket on the table in the temple. Thank you for helping us make somebody's Thanksgiving a little brighter.

Some people that cannot come to the Sunday afternoon Mediumship Development Circle have expressed interest in forming a week day evening circle. Most have stated that Monday nights would work best for them, Pastor Dee Powers has agreed to lead it. We need at least 4 committed people in order to get this group going. Please contact Dee if you would be interested in attending a Monday night circle. Her contact info is at the end of this newsletter and on the church web site.

The camp has installed a new toilet in the temple. Hopefully this one will be more serviceable. It is a composting toilet and it does require water for flushing, which we will make available. Please take time to read the instructions about flushing it, the instructions are hanging on the wall. Thank you for making yourself knowledgeable about how the toilet works before using it.

November 1st is Pot Luck Sunday. Please come, enjoy the service and bring a dish to share. You can bring the food into the Temple with you and place it on one of the tables on the left. There will be an electrical strip for you to plug crock pots into and a microwave is also available. If you have something that needs to be kept cold you may want to leave that in your vehicle until after the service.

Serving the church in November:

Facilitator – Pastor Janet Decker, Pastor Wachian Welch, and Karleen Tanner

November 1 - Pastor Wachian Welch/Heather Sanborn
November 8 - Karleen Tanner/Kelly LaRochelle
November 15 - Rev. Janet Decker/Pastor Dee Powers
November 22 - Rev. Janet Decker/ Bethany Couture
November 29 - Rev. Janet Decker/Karleen Tanner

A friend of mine writes beautiful poetry and I would like to share this one with you.

"RE-MEMBER".........................Remember this,, remember that,,,,this life,, that life,, aaaalll the way back.......Oneness with all,,, is what will be seen,,,,,before "the fall",,,,before the dream,,,,,,,,Yet not so far,,,this mystery of we......For in the moment it's found,,,,not in history.....Time and space,,,,an illusion to play.... Remembering love,,,, all else falls away.......Closer and closer,,to all that we are.....Feet on ground,,, head in the stars.......The heart is the center,, of all that we see,,,,Infinite wisdom,,,,love born free....... "Knowing Thyself",,,, is our mission at hand,,,,,Remembering oneness,,,,Remembering the plan........To experience,,to create,,,,All that we choose,,,,, While loving, and laughing,,,, we'll never lose..... The truth of the spark,,, that we all are from,,,, Only here in this moment,,,,, Thy kingdom come
. Socrates O. Smith

I hope you found this poem to be a reminder of "what is truly real" as much as I did. 


The members meeting is held the first Sunday of December right after pot luck. Please mark your calendars and join us. At this meeting we will elect new board members so we hope you will attend and cast your vote.

We still need a pianist for our Sunday services. Does anyone know a piano student or pianist who would like a part time job? This is a paid position so if you know someone who may be interested please refer them to one of the pastors.

If you have a class or workshop you would like to offer in the Temple during the fall, winter, or spring, please let us know. We will give it every consideration.

You can now send prayer requests and/or "suggestions" from our web site; You will find the form on the “Contact Us” page.

We are in the process of scheduling speakers and mediums for December through June. If you would like to serve in either, or both, of these capacities please see one of the pastors. Thank you!


The first Sunday of every month is Pot Luck Sunday. Come enjoy the service and bring a dish to share after. Pot Luck will be held in the Temple November - April.

The Mediumship Development group meets on Sundays, at 1:30 PM in the Temple.  Anyone who is interested in developing or growing their mediumship and psychic skills are welcome to join us. And yes, beginners are certainly welcome as are the more advanced folks. Donations are gladly accepted.

Weather (Cancellation) Notification

Yes, it is that time of year again. Winter always seems to come way too quickly! When the weather is bad church services and meetings are canceled. You can check on the local TV news stations for our cancellations. We will also put the notice out on Facebook and via email. Once in a while we cancel church and then the storm doesn't manifest. Ahhhhh, nature, you just cannot always predict her. Never the less, once church has been canceled we do not change it. Please make a note of this.

With winter bearing down on us please be ever mindful of safety both in the home and in your comings and goings. Always think, Safety First!

The Mid Maine homeless shelter is always in need of many things. If you have items you would like to donate just bring them to the church on any Sunday. (PLEASE, no unwashed clothing articles, no clothing with pet hair, and no clothing with holes in them. Thank you.)

Here is a list of supplies they could use:

Playground toys
Diapers - all sizes
Trash bags
Toilet tissues, paper towels, and tissues
All Purpose cleaner
Paper plates, cups, and napkins (square)
HE laundry detergent
Ziploc bags and aluminum foil
Food storage containers
Grocery store gift certificates
Soap, shampoo, and conditioner
Feminine products (pads and tampons)
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Razors and shaving cream
Coffee (regular; decaf) and creamer
Sugar and drink mixes
Canned and non-perishable foods
Children's books

Both Etna and Canaan Fire Departments need sweat pants and sweat shirts to give out to people who, during a fire, are forced to flee their homes with no more than the shirt on their backs. It is not necessary to buy new. Clean, used items in good condition are very welcome. Please bring them to the church on any Sunday. Children’s sweats are also needed.

To all who have contributed in the past, or will contribute in the future, to any of the above causes, your gifts are truly a blessing. Thank you.

If you know of anyone who would like to know more about our Healing Light Spiritualist Church and would enjoy reading our newsletter please, by all means, do pass this along.

Thanks for reading and most of all, thanks for being part of our church!

Bright Blessings to all and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving,
Rev. Janet Decker


Rev. Janet Decker, C.Ht.
Ph: 207-722-4241

Pastor Wachian Welch
Ph: 207-514-6023

Pastor Dee Powers
Ph: 207-557-1979


Pastor Donna Williams
Ph: 207-269-2992

Pastor Laurie Xanthos
Ph: 207-647-3781

Rev. Shirley Boyens

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