October 2016

Welcome to October!

Here we are in the last third of the year. The months have certainly flown by! I find I have little time at the moment to write anything witty or thoughtful so I will go right to the news.


Our Mediums Day fund raiser is on Saturday, October 1, 2016, on the Camp Etna grounds. If you would like to help with this event please see one of the pastors. Food to feed the workers or goodies to sell can be dropped off before 10 AM. Thank you!

The church membership meeting will be held on Sunday, October 2nd, during pot luck at the inn. Come enjoy our service, bring a dish to share and join us as we discuss the direction of the church. All are welcome.

I am excited to announce that Pastor Laurie Xanthos will teach another energy healing class for those who would like to receive a certification in this. Part of this class is dedicated to the proper etiquette and ethics of "the laying on of hands". In order to offer healing in our church this certificate is now required.

This is a two part class and the classes will be held on October 23 and 30th from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the inn, location to be announced. Both classes are required to receive your certificate. Laurie is a fabulous teacher and you will be able to put your skills to work right away. This class is offered by donation.

It seems that designating the back row on the right side of the church as healing chairs for those folks who have difficulty getting up and down or walking up front to the healing chairs is going to work out nicely. The chairs were utilized several times in September.

There has been some confusion about church HLSC and Camp Etna memberships. I hope the following will explain.

Becoming a member of the HLSC does not automatically make you a member of Camp Etna. Camp Etna and the church are separate entities and each has their own set of requirements for becoming a member.

If you want to become a member of the church please go to our web site: healinglightspiritualistchurch.org to read our by-laws and membership requirements and if you want to become a member of Camp Etna please go to campetna.com to read their by-laws and membership requirements. If you do not use a computer, you may ask any member of the church board or camp board for their respective information.

We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding regarding membership in these two organizations.

We will once again have a Thanksgiving Day food drive. Beginning the last week of October and continuing until the Sunday before Thanksgiving you may bring non-perishable items to the Temple and leave them on the tables on the left side. The Temple is always open so you can bring your items and drop them off throughout the week. It has been suggested that gift certificates to one of the grocery stores would be a welcome contribution. We will deliver these to the local town halls who will see they are distributed. Thank you for making someones Thanksgiving a little nicer.

Donna Williams and Barbara Dolliver have moved to a new home and we are happy for them. They have given me permission to put their address here in the newsletter. It is: 11 Derby Estate #14, Rome, ME 04963. 

Upcoming October Events Featuring HLSC Members

Saturday October 1st
What: Mediums Day Fund Raiser for the HLSC
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Where: Camp Etna grounds
Presenters: Mediums and Healers from HLSC
Offering: Readings, Healing, Food
Contact: info@healinglightspiritualistchurch.org
Come and bring friends!

Saturday October 15th
What: Table Tipping
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Temple on the Camp Etna grounds
Presenters: Rev. Janet Decker and Amy Griffiths
Contact: janet.decker9@gmail.com (207-404-1845) or amyjspiritedway@gmail.com (207-385-3321)
Cost: $20.00
Shoes required!

Camp Etna News

The 140th camp season has come to a close and now it's time to put the camp to bed. Every weekend in October is designated for clean up. The HLSC encourages all church members to come out and support the camp in this way. Even if only for a few hours on one of the week ends. All help is tremendously appreciated and if you are a camp member, or considering becoming a camp member, volunteerism is required. Thank you.

Community Events!

Mind, Body, Spirit Fall Festivals
When: Saturday, October 8th - University of Maine Hutchinson Center, Belfast Maine
When: Sunday October 16th - Hilton Garden Inn, Freeport, Maine
Cost: $5.00 admission fee (includes most, but not all, workshops)
Web site: mindbodyspiritfestival.org

Mediums Weekend at Acres of Wildlife Campground
What: Psychic medium readings, vendors, workshops and a paranormal investigation!
When: Friday, October 7th thru Monday, October 10th
Where: 60 Acres of Wildlife, Steep Falls, ME
Cost: $20.00

Healing Arts Fall Equinox Fair
When: Saturday, October 22nd
Where: Jeff's Catering, 15 Littlefield Way, Brewer, ME
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Cost: $5.00 admission includes free workshops with paid admission, vendor fees are separate

Edgar Cayce's Glad Helpers Group meets every Monday afternoon from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Maine Holistic Center located at 81 Maine Street Bangor, ME. I was fortunate to be able to attend the very first one on July 11th. It was fabulous!


Edgar Cayce started the first Glad Helpers Group in 1931 and it continues to be the healing arm of the ARE Edgar Cayce Center with groups around the world. Members follow his original guidelines, which include:

  • Reading from Cayce's book, "Meditation"

  • Building group intention

  • Meditating

  • Sending healing prayers to people who have requested prayer, each other, countries and leaders of the world

  • Hands on healing

If you are in need of healing, or know someone who is, you can request to be on the prayer list. Email your request to: MaineGladHelpers@gmail.com

An invitation is extended to all Energy Healers who would like to join this group. The ARE has donated Meditation books and the group is free. The Healing Light Spiritualist church is happy to see this group come to Bangor!

Serving the church in October:
Facilitator – Pastor Laurie Xanthos

October 2nd: Melissa Gabriel
October 9th: Sandy Matheson
October 16th: Bonnie Lee Mellott (facilitator and speaker) Message Circle
October 23rd: Angie Butler Welch
October 30th: Patty Pepin

Pot Luck Sunday, October 2nd at the inn. Members meeting to follow.

The church membership application is available in the church and can also be downloaded from the home page of our web site.

You can send prayer requests and/or "suggestions" from our web site. You will find the form on the “Contact Us” page.

The church has an online Ordination Program. You can check it out here.

If you would like to serve as a speaker and/or a medium during one of our services, September through June, please see one of the pastors. Thank you!

To Say Thank You!

A BIG THANK YOU to the members who cleaned the church after camp season closed.
A BIG THANK YOU to Marcia Ruland and Rev. Wachian Welch for helping me set up the church for our Equinox ceremony and to the church members who put the church back into order afterwards.
A BIG THANK YOU to Diane Jackman Skolfield for continuing to maintain our web site.
A BIG THANK YOU to those who contributed to the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter, the local fire and rescue and the Native American Indian Reservations in Maine and Canada.
TO BE CLEAR, everyone who serves our church, no matter what the capacity, is a blessing to us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


The first Sunday of every month is Pot Luck Sunday. Pot Luck is held at the Inn June through October (no pot luck in August) and in the Temple November through May. Come enjoy the service and stay after for a nice meal and conversation with like-minded souls.

Mediumship Development Groups meet every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM in in the Temple (led by Rev. Janet Decker) and Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM at Pastor Dee Powers' cottage on the Camp Etna grounds (led by Pastor Dee Powers).

Anyone who is interested in developing or growing their mediumship and psychic skills are welcome to join us. Beginners are certainly welcome as are the more advanced folks. Donations are gladly accepted.

The Mid Maine homeless shelter is asking for the following items. If you have items you would like to donate just bring them to the church on any Sunday and Pastor Dee Powers will collect and deliver them.

Here is a list of supplies they could use:

Playground toys
Diapers of all sizes
Trash bags
Toilet tissues, paper towels, and tissues
All Purpose cleaner
Paper plates, cups, and napkins (square)
HE laundry detergent
Ziploc bags and aluminum foil
Food storage containers
Grocery store gift certificates
Soap, shampoo, and conditioner
Feminine products (pads and tampons)
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Razors and shaving cream
Coffee (regular; decaf) and creamer
Sugar and drink mixes
Canned and non-perishable foods
Children's books

We are accepting new and/or clean, used clothing donations. These contributions will be given to Bill "Windwalker" Wentworth who will take them to the Native American Indian Reservations in Maine and Canada. Please no clothing with holes or pet hair. Again, you can bring your donation to the church and Pastor Dee Powers will collect them.

Both Etna and Canaan Fire Departments need sweat pants and sweat shirts to give out to people who, during a fire, are forced to flee their homes with no more than the shirt on their backs. It is not necessary to buy new. Clean, used items in good condition are very welcome. Please bring them to the church on any Sunday. Children’s sweats are also needed.

To all who have contributed in the past, or will contribute in the future, to any of the above causes, your gifts are truly a blessing. Thank you.

If you have something you would like added to the church newsletter please be aware that I will need that information by the 12th of the month prior to the month being published. Example, for the September newsletter I need the information by August 12th. Please send info to me via email. You will find my email address (Rev. Janet Decker) at the bottom of the newsletter.

The pastoral council and the church board of directors is open to hear suggestions that may improve our church and make it an even more inviting place of peace and sanctuary from the rigors of daily life. Please feel free to approach us or send us an email if you have a suggestion. The church council members are: Pastor Dee Powers, Bonnie Mellott, Rev. Wachain Welch, Barbara Dolliver, and Marcia Ruland.

Thanks for reading and most of all, thanks for being part of our church and please DO to share this newsletter.

Bright Blessings to all and I wish you an AWESOME October!

Rev. Janet Decker


Rev. Janet Decker
Email: janet.decker9@gmail.com
Ph: 207-404-1845

Rev. Wachian Welch (Church Secretary)
Email: wachianwelch44@gmail.com
Ph: 207-514-6023

Pastor Dee Powers (Church President)
Email: jazmin10wf@yahoo.com
Ph: 207-557-1979

Pastor Laurie Xanthos
Email: ahappymedium@icloud.com
Ph: 207-647-3781

Rev. Shirley Boyens
Email: mables@tampabay.rr.com

Marcia Ruland (Board Member)

Bonnie Lee Mellott (Church Vice President)

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