Independent Spiritualist Minister Ordination Program*

* A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Healing Light Spiritualist Church

Instructors: Rev. Dr. Janet Decker, Deborah Lindsey Ph.D, Rev. Randy Hastings

The choice to become an ordained minister is one that is extremely personal. Many of us arrive at this juncture only after years of personal spiritual pursuit. We arrive here once we feel we know ourselves well enough to be able to say, “I want to serve spirit, and people, in a greater capacity than I currently am.” Not everyone receives this “calling”.


There is great responsibility that goes along with becoming an ordained minister. You are choosing to be a spiritual guide to others on a more professional and learned level. To take this step is no small thing. That you have arrived at that place speaks volumes, not the least of which is, you have probably done this before in another,

or many other, lifetime(s).


This course provides a foundation of spiritual knowledge for personal and professional growth and provides a platform for the exploration of consciousness. Also, on a more fundamental level, it will guide you in the art of spiritual counseling and the ethical, moral and legal boundaries that you need to be aware of as an ordained minister who counsels others. You will also learn the basics necessary for any Spiritualist or Metaphysical minister such as: the history of spiritualism and how to create and lead a Spiritualist Church Service.


At the completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Ordination as an Independent Spiritualist Minister with all legal rights, and responsibilities, from the International Metaphysical University (


The course has nine lessons and is designed so that students can easily complete one lesson per week. However, you can work at your own pace to some extent. We do ask that you try your best to complete the program within 12 weeks. You may, of course, complete it sooner than 9 weeks. The cost is $197.00.

The cost of this program is not tax deductible.


The work involves: listening to audio lectures, taking quizzes, research and writing, writing and recording prayers, a guided meditation and an inspirational talk. Also, there is a classroom forum with a new question each week that you are expected to take part in. The forums are used to promote discussions between the students.

Participating in the forum does count toward your successful completion of the program.


For those who want to explore beyond the required material for completion there are bonus offerings.

These are included purely for personal enrichment and enjoyment.


Thank you for your interest in the Independent Spiritualist Minister Program.

For more information or to purchase this course please call Rev. Janet Decker

at 207-404-1845 or email her at Rev

Photos of Recipients of Independent Spiritualist Minister Ordination Certificates

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