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April 2024 Minutes

April 14, 2024 Meeting called to order 12:19pm


April 14, 2024
Meeting called to order 12:19pm
Invocation by Rev Tara Gilmartin
Board Members Roll Call:
President: Rev. Janet Decker-absent
Acting Vice President: Rev. Tara Gilmartin-present
Acting Treasurer: Rev. Angel Downing-present
Secretary: Diane Jackman Skolfield-present-Zoom
Trustee: Terri Kovac - presentActing Trustee: Rev. Angel Downing - present
Acting Trustee: Rev. Tara Gilmartin- present
Guests: Thoy Conroy, Renie Goulette

Secretary Report:
March 2024 minutes emailed and approved
Secretary sent out link for April 14, 2024 Board Meeting
Messaging with potential presenters for summer and fall

Treasurer’s Report - available to members upon request

Committee Reports
Activities Report – We continue to have Mediumship Development Classes every Sunday from 1-3pm, First Friday Gallery Readings from 6-8pm, Full Moon Drumming Circle each month, Animal Communication coming on April 20.
20th Annual Anniversary Party – exciting details about our June 28 through June 30 weekend including Graham MacLauren’s demonstration Friday night 6-8, Saturday’s 10-3 festival, Healing Drumming Demonstration from Joao Bordallo, Thoy Conroy will do Healing Calligraphy demonstration and other demonstrators being contacted, Diane’s History at 2pm Graham MacLauren will hold a workshop from 12-4. Dance Party from 7-9pm. Sunday morning service will be the All Healing Service and a few minutes will be dedicated to one of our founding members passing; Nancy Dubois. And Sunday night at 5pm will be our first P & P Night; Pizza and Performers
Beginning of summer line up: Last Saturday each month Dance Party hosted by Diane and Friends from 7-9pm, Last Sunday each month P & P Party at 5pm; Pizza and Performers- Diane will provide pizza for donations to church and Performers will be everything from people reading inspirational words, ukulele players singing songs, people reading poetry, whatever Spirit brings. July 27 Spiritualism 101-in person and zoom
Activities Committee will continue to line up presenters for the summer and fall so we can make cards to distribute throughout summer.
Unfinished Business:
-Angel is talking to someone who can mow our lawns and the insurance company. Will we need to buy a mower or will he provide. Should we get a quote from a service before we buy a mower? Getting a couple of quotes. In the meantime, Angel will hire someone to use our push mower.
-Roof and Storage Shed- has a hole and a framing board needs to be fixed. Angel had Trey finish fixing the storage shed. Janet will be calling will try to get some answers from insurance company. We have leaks and a new roof cannot be put into place until insurance company has done inspection and evaluation.

-Membership Application process: Angel talked about how we have summer people who cannot attend church for 3 months straight to become a member. Diane found the By-Laws specifically state that anyone applying for membership will be eligible for HLSC membership if they meet one (1) of the following: 3 months attendance OR a letter from another Spiritualist Church official. The board takes each membership application separately and can vote someone in that has met only one of the conditions so the 3 months of attendance in not necessary.

New Business: attach sign onto church service sign that says 3pm July & August, also Wednesday evening 6:30pm April-September, this will be ordered and put in place when appropriate

Investigate roof over the sign in front of our building. Apparently becoming quite rotten and may need replacement. Diane offered to look at it when she arrives in Maine in June. Maybe her family can do something about rebuilding it.

New Member applications: none

Benediction given by Rev Angel Downing
Meeting Adjourned at 12:45pm

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