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While Graham MacLauren is in the United States he can be reached through the Healing Light Spiritual Center, his Facebook Page or his local phone 

# To be announced in June

In addition to all the wonderful demonstrations, workshops and classes Graham is offering while in Maine he is also offering: 


Private Readings 40 minutes for $65 (must make a $10 deposit when reserving your reading:)


Spiritual Assessments will be offered. A 45 minute appointment is $65.


Psychic Surgery appointments are for 45 minutes for $65 


Psychic Gastric Band appointments- these are 20 minute for each appointment and is an amazing way to help you lose weight and heal your body. The cost includes a top up and costs $100. This can be done on Zoom so if any one has it done there is no need to worry. Graham will provide the support needed, including some NLP if required which helps achieve goals. This is just as good as full surgery without the invasive procedure. You will get a fact sheet which will help you as you begin the changes to a better healthier lifestyle and it’s great if you’re a diabetic.


All appointments can be done on zoom or in person.


Graham is a published author and read for A list celebrities and Influential World Dignitaries. He writes  a regular column for More to Life Magazine and worked with CNN and ITN on up and coming projects. You can get More to Life Magazine free online. Graham has recently become 65/66 SURRENDER edition onwards and invited to become an Elder. 

Be sure to come to attend as many classes and workshops as you can while he is here and schedule your readings in advance!

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